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The Top 15 YouTube Automation Niches That Are Taking Over the World

What separates YouTube automated channels that generate significant monthly revenues from those that don’t? The solution is in choosing the appropriate niche! It’s essential to choose a niche that will bring long-term financial success if you’re starting a YouTube automation channel.

Similar to how picking the right niche is important to launching a successful local lead generation business, choosing the right niche is the key to creating a successful YouTube automation channel. The stages to finding a profitable YouTube automation niche are covered in this post, along with a list of the top 13 niches for long-term profits and a quick trick to drastically increase your channel’s income.

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Youtube Automation Niches

How to find a YouTube automation niche with long-term profit potential?

When looking to establish a profitable and sustainable YouTube automation channel, it’s crucial to select a niche that aligns with specific criteria. To gauge the potential of a niche, you can examine existing channels that create similar content. For instance, if you’re considering creating a channel about top tourist destinations in the US, conduct a search on YouTube by typing “best headphone for gaming” or any thing When evaluating the potential of a niche, consider the following factors:

  • The presence of successful channels with at least 5 years of history
  • Multiple channels with a substantial subscriber count (over 100k) and substantial video views (over 100k)
  • The likelihood of the topic remaining relevant over a long period (at least 10 years)
  • A broad scope for the topic

An additional bonus is if the niche falls within an industry that has significant financial involvement.

YouTube ad revenue and CPM

One of the main sources of revenue for YouTube automation channels is through the Google AdSense program, a component of the YouTube Partner Program. Advertisers pay to display their ads on your channel’s content and the amount of money earned depends on the topic and audience of the videos.

To gauge a channel’s profitability, the standard measurement on YouTube is the Cost Per Mille (CPM), which calculates the cost of 1,000 ad impressions. The CPM varies significantly between channels and countries. As an example, the average CPM in the US is $0.38 while in Spain it is $4.38, according to HubSpot. Although you may not have access to the exact CPM of a particular channel, a little research online could reveal CPMs of other channels.

1. Health and fitness

Health and fitness is a highly sought after niche on YouTube, as everyone has different needs and objectives when it comes to their health. To stand out in this crowded space, it’s best to focus on a specific micro niche, such as “how to build muscle” or “how to lose weight.” These topics are always in demand, as many people strive to achieve these goals at some point in their lives. To create a successful channel in the health and fitness niche, you might consider exploring unique subtopics, such as building muscle for college-aged men. Body Hub is a great example of a thriving YouTube channel in this field.

bodyhub youtube channel
Body hub faceless youtube channel

2. Technology

Technology’s allure resides in its capacity to improve and streamline our daily experiences. It’s understandable why so many people are captivated by the newest technology. Due to the high cost of technological products, launching a YouTube channel in the technology niche could result in high CPMs. Advertisers are prepared to make large financial commitments in order to use your movies to reach their intended audience. AppFind, which has over 500,000 subscribers and creates videos about the newest features and apps for iPhone and Android devices, is a fantastic example of a popular technology-focused channel.

AppFind youtube channel 1 1
AppFind faceless youtube channel

3. How to make money online

Making money online is a popular topic in today’s world. According to Greg Preece, an expert in YouTube business and automated income, the niche of making money online on YouTube has the highest CPM of any. He cites an example of his video review on the web hosting service Hostinger, where his CPM was a staggering $292.25.

However, despite the potential for high earnings, creating content for the making money online niche is highly competitive. It requires persistence and dedication to consistently produce quality content for several years. But, with patience and hard work, you can establish a profitable channel like TedGetsBread.

It’s worth noting that the most successful channels in this niche typically feature a person’s face, rather than just being a faceless automation channel. So, if you’re not comfortable showing your face, you can consider hiring a paid actor to deliver the content on your behalf.

SelfLearn youtube channel
SelfLearn faceless youtube channel

4. Travel

According to a study by GOBankingRates, the majority of Americans still spend between $1,000 and $2,000 on vacations, which indicates that a sizeable portion of Americans are still doing so. This explains why Expedia and other travel agencies are some of the biggest YouTube advertisers. You can follow in the footsteps of MojoTravels by launching a YouTube automated channel devoted to travel if you have a passion for exploring new places and want to convert that passion into a lucrative business.

MojoTravels youtube channel
MojoTravels faceless youtube channel

5. Software tutorials

Another profitable niche for YouTube content creators is software tutorials, as demonstrated by channels like Skills Factory. With the continuous introduction of new software and updates to existing ones, the opportunities for creating content are almost limitless. Additionally, the high cost of software and its often recurring subscription-based model make it a lucrative area for advertisers and the channels that drive valuable traffic to them.

Skill Factory youtube channel
Skill Factory faceless youtube channel

6. Business and luxury

The desire for luxury is a common human trait, and success in business often goes hand-in-hand with a luxurious lifestyle. That’s why channels like Alux, which focus on business and luxury, have become so popular on YouTube. These videos capture the attention of users by showcasing the opulent possessions and lifestyles of the wealthy, while also offering tips and advice on how to achieve a similar level of success.

Alux youtube channel
Alux faceless youtube channel

7. Personal finance

The personal finance niche on YouTube has massive earning potential for both the audience and content creators. Successful channels in this niche, often feature a personal touch and use real people to deliver the advice, making it more relatable to the audience. To create a fully automated channel, you may need to find someone to appear in your videos or incorporate facts and experiences from successful individuals to establish authority. As the industry of personal finance deals with money, it will always remain relevant, making an established channel in this niche a long-term profitable option. Just take a look at Andrei Jikh’s channel, where a screenshot of his channel’s playback-based CPM of $26.30 is proof of the potential profits.

8. Interesting facts

Fact-based video content may not bring in the highest ad revenue from YouTube AdSense, but it is a simple niche to automate as it does not require deep expertise in a specific field. Trend Max is a great example, creating animation videos about captivating topics like “The largest cats on earth” or “The top 10 deadliest dinosaurs” and receiving tens of millions of views on each. With high-quality content and effective YouTube SEO, you can create a channel with high watch time and a wide range of unique topics to cover.

Trenmax youtube channel
Trend Max faceless youtube channel

9. Cars and other vehicles

The car and vehicle niche can be highly profitable for YouTube content creators, thanks to its potential for high ad revenue. Advertisers are often willing to spend a considerable amount on promoting high-ticket items such as vehicles, making this a lucrative niche. Additionally, with new car models being released annually, the topic remains evergreen, ensuring a constant source of content. A great example of a successful channel in this niche is Thansis1997, with over 1 million subscribers.

Thansis1997s youtube channel
Thansis 1997 faceless youtube channel

10. Happiness

The happiness niche is another easy-to-automate channel that can generate a steady income through the YouTube Partner Program due to its large audience potential. As happiness is a universal goal in life, content related to happiness tends to attract a lot of viewers. One example is the YouTube automation channel Einzelganger, which creates content around philosophy and happiness.

While this niche may not have the highest monetization potential compared to others, it still has the potential to generate a significant cash flow due to the large number of viewers it can attract. So, if you’re looking for a channel idea that can bring in a decent income with a large audience, the happiness niche could be a good option for you.

Einzelgangers youtube channel
Einzelganger faceless youtube channel

11. Cryptocurrency

Although the cryptocurrency niche is relatively new, it has been steadily gaining popularity for over a decade, and many see a bright future for the industry. As a YouTube creator, there are many topics within the crypto space to explore, such as blockchain technology and various crypto projects like Ethereum and Polygon.

Cryptocurrency can be volatile, with periods of highs, like when Bitcoin reached nearly $69,000 in 2021, and lows, like the current cryptocurrency crash. However, producing content now, when there’s less competition in the cryptocurrency content space, could pay off in the long run when the next crypto boom occurs. Building a solid backlog of content now, like Crypto Whiteboard is doing, can set you up for success in the future.

whiteboard crypto youtube channel
Whiteboard Crypto faceless youtube channel

12. NFT and Metaverse

NFT and metaverse these is really hot now at the moment especially NFT and this like all sorts of different ways that you can monetize,

these ones but just make sure do you got to be carful when it comes to this type of content and you always want to do your diligence when it comes to promoting different either nft or cryptocoins,

you got to be careful with who you’re working with and what you are talking about in your videos but if you do it clean you can get a really good CPM you can get really good brand deals
and sponsorships and you can make money in many
different ways

13. Celebirties

Celebrities are a popular niche for video content, as shown by the recent Will Smith slapping of Chris Rock at the Oscars film. With 76 million views in 24 hours,celebrity-related videos tend to attract a large audience.

You don’t even have to create new content all the time, just keep an eye on what celebrities are up to and make videos about it. A good example is a channel that focuses on Elon Musk, exploring what might happen if he buys a company, goes to the moon, and so on.

When celebrities do something outrageous, it quickly goes viral and attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers.

The benefit of publishing information about celebs is that you can reach new audiences without having to start from zero.

Celebrities already have a huge fan base, so by producing content about them, you can draw some of their followers to your channel. By doing this, you may build your audience faster and with less work than if you had to start from scratch.

elon musk rewind youtube channel
Elon Musk Rewind faceless youtube automation

14. ASMR

The sensation of ASMR, which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a feeling experienced by individuals who watch engaging videos or participate in activities that require a high level of concentration. This sensation is often described as “tingles” that run down the back of the head and spine, with some individuals reporting that it has a calming effect that can even induce sleep.

ASMR is triggered by various stimuli, such as whispering, individual attention, crisp sounds, and slow movements, which are thought to enhance mood and alleviate pain.

The ASMR video category is a booming market on YouTube, with one channel, ASMR Gaming News, combining the two popular niches of gaming and ASMR. They present gaming news in a soothing, whispered tone to provide a unique ASMR experience.

ASMR gaming youtube channel
ASMR faceless youtube channel

15. Book Summaries

The following niche in the world of faceless YouTube channels is fascinating. It involves discussing books that you have read and providing a brief summary of their contents.

A prime example of a channel executing this concept effectively is the “Productivity Game.” This channel utilizes graphical elements and voice-overs to produce engaging videos. It’s worth noting that similar videos can easily be outsourced on the popular platform, Fiverr.

productivity game youtube channel
Productivity game faceless youtube channel


If you’re looking to create a successful online business, setting goals and being consistent in your efforts is key. Although starting a YouTube automation channel can be resource-intensive and require a lot of work upfront, with persistence you can build a lucrative channel in any of the 11 recommended niches. But if YouTube automation doesn’t seem like a good fit, there are many other options in digital marketing, such as starting a social media agency.

In my opinion, local lead generation is a better option for those looking for quicker results. Unlike YouTube automation, which can take years to produce passive income, local lead generation can deliver passive income within just a few months. So, whether you opt for YouTube automation or another online business model, remember to stay focused on your goals and be persistent in your efforts to achieve them.

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