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12 Genius YouTube Automation Channel Ideas You Need to Try Now!

Are you looking to make some passive income online? If so, creating a YouTube automation channel could be the way to go. In this article, we will explore ten winning YouTube automation channel ideas that have the potential to earn you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in passive income each month. These channel ideas are based on current trends and data, ensuring that you have the best chance of success. Whether you are just starting or have been publishing videos without much luck, a winning channel idea could be just a short scroll away.

10 Genius YouTube Automation Channel Ideas You Need to Try Now!
10 Genius YouTube Automation Channel Ideas You Need to Try Now!

What is faceless youtube automation?

YouTube automation channels refer to faceless channels that delegate all aspects of channel management to create a passive income stream for the owner. Unlike popular YouTubers such as gamer’s little playground, distractible podcast, oneyNG who rely on their influence to attract viewers and build an audience, automation channels use carefully crafted scripts, and combine stock footage or animations with voiceovers to produce engaging video content.

How much money can someone make from Faceless YouTube automation?

With consistent video publishing, a successful YouTube automation channel can earn between $1,000 to $10,000 per month after two to three years. The channel’s niche and video quality significantly affect the outcome, as some channels generate hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly, while others fail to make any revenue. Einzelganger is an excellent example of a YouTube automation channel that excels in the happiness niche.

What are the best topics for a YouTube automation channel?

When it comes to faceless YouTube automation channels, the most profitable niches are those that involve high-spending industries that people are keenly interested in. Personal finance and technology are two great examples of niches that draw a lot of viewers and have fierce competition among advertisers for valuable ad space, making them lucrative options for creators. By selecting these niches, creators can maximize their earning potential and produce content that will engage and entertain viewers.

What is the easiest topic for a faceless YouTube channel?

The simplest topic for a YouTube automation channel is one in which you are extremely interested since you will be passionate about the channel and its success.

If you’re beginning a YouTube automation channel on a limited budget, you might need to be actively involved with it until you start making enough money to outsource your team. If you are at least relatively interested in the content of the channel, it will be much easier to continue working to improve the channel.

Even if you can fully automate the channel’s operations, you should at the very least some of the time check the newly published videos to ensure that your team is keeping to your criteria.
But, I can help if you’re having trouble coming up with a YouTube automation channel idea. The following section covers 10 successful YouTube automated channel ideas.

12 Winning YouTube automation channel ideas

1. Motivation

Lack of motivation is a frequent issue that many people experience at some time in their life. This is precisely why motivational YouTube channels such as FREENVESTING have become increasingly popular in recent years. It appears that a growing number of individuals are experiencing a decrease in motivation, which has resulted in trending terms like “quiet quitting” and “the great resignation” being widely circulated on social media platforms. People are now contemplating how their actions can provide meaning and purpose to their lives, rather than simply moving through their work routine without any sense of direction.

FREENVESTING youtube channel
FREENVESTING youtube channel

2. Celebirties

Numerous individuals have an intense fascination with celebrities and the sensational stories that surround them. It is for this reason that YouTube automation channels, such as Elon musk rewind, which report on the latest celebrity news stories, are capable of generating hundreds of thousands of views on every video. It’s true that people will only be interested in watching these kinds of videos for a certain amount of time. However, there will always be new celebrity gossip to create videos around, making it a channel concept with long-term potential.

Elon musk rewind youtube channle
Elon musk rewind youtube channle

3. Space tech

People all across the world have always been interested by space flight. It’s not surprising that American millennials are quite interested in space travel, with 63% them hoping to go themselves. The advent of space tourism businesses like Blue Origin, SpaceX, and Virgin Galactic is bringing humanity one step closer to realizing this ambition than ever before. There has never been a better moment to enter the space sector, and setting up a YouTube automation channel with an emphasis on space technology may be a great way for people to acquire a piece of this growing market.

Voyager youtube channel
Voyager youtube channel

4. Book Summaries

There is a niche in the world of faceless YouTube channels that involves discussing books and providing brief summaries of their contents. This concept has proven to be quite fascinating and has garnered a following on the platform.

One channel that executes this concept effectively is called the “Productivity Game.” This channel uses graphical elements and voice-overs to produce engaging videos that discuss books related to productivity and personal development. The channel provides valuable insights into the books, making it an excellent resource for people who want to learn and grow

Productivity Game youtube channel
Productivity Game youtube channel

5. Cryptocurrency

Despite being a relatively new niche, the realm of cryptocurrency has been gradually gaining traction for more than a decade, and numerous individuals anticipate a promising future for the industry. As a YouTube content creator, there are various topics within the crypto sphere to delve into, such as blockchain technology and various crypto undertakings like Ethereum and Polygon.

The value of cryptocurrency can be unstable, with periods of upswings, such as when Bitcoin almost touched the $69,000 mark in 2021, and declines, like the current crash in the crypto market. Nevertheless, crafting content at this moment, when there is relatively less competition in the realm of cryptocurrency content, could prove to be beneficial in the long term when the next cryptocurrency boom materializes. Establishing a robust inventory of content presently, similar to the strategy of Crypto Whiteboard, can position you for success in the future.

Whiteboard crypto youtube channel
Whiteboard crypto youtube channel

6. Sports facts

There is a huge global following for sports. In the United States alone, 156 million people watch live sports content every month. Worldwide Atlas estimates that 3.5 billion people, or close to half the world’s population, are soccer fans. It follows that anything related to sports has a good chance of getting a ton of YouTube views.

But, it’s best to focus on a single sport if you want to create a successful sports-related YouTube channel. JxmyHighroller, a popular content creator, has done this successfully by concentrating on basketball and offering unique perspectives on the sport. With over 2 million subscribers, his channel is a testament to the viability of a niche sports channel.

One of the benefits of this YouTube niche is the abundance of existing content available from previous sports seasons. Each new season also provides even more material to incorporate into your content. As a result, building a sports-focused YouTube channel can be a sustainable business opportunity for those passionate about the subject.

JxmyHighroller youtube channel
JxmyHighroller youtube channel

7. Travel guides

As per the Economic Impact Report disseminated by the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism made a momentous contribution of 10%, equating to $9 trillion, to the worldwide economy in the year 2019, antecedent to the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. Presently, with tourism attaining momentum once more, the idea of establishing a YouTube channel is endowed with the aptitude of being a significant revenue generator, with the global interest in tourism and the exorbitant expenses that individuals expend on voyages. The foremost global travel agency, Expedia, has already comprehended the potential of a mechanization channel for their YouTube marketing plan by producing content surrounding some of the world’s most coveted destinations. One could set one’s sights on several non-mainstream travel destinations, or one could even adopt a novel perspective on mainstream destinations to distinguish one’s channel from the others.

Expedia youtube channel
Expedia youtube channel

8. Software tutorials

One of the most lucrative YouTube niche concepts is producing tutorials on software applications. Software is generally a pricey product, which means that advertisements displayed in your YouTube videos can generate revenue surpassing the average channel topic. In addition to this, there is an inconceivable amount of software applications available for use, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, and QuickBooks, that individuals utilize on a daily basis. Even though these programs are designed to make our lives easier, for those who are not enthusiastic users with extensive proficiency, navigating through them can be arduous. This is precisely why software tutorial channels such as AppFind allure such a considerable audience on YouTube. Individuals require assistance, and you can establish a flourishing YouTube channel by providing them with guidance!

AppFind youtube channel
AppFind youtube channel

9. Traditional skillsets

Many have looked for consolation in the practice of ancient skills like cooking, gardening, and sewing amid the rush and bustle of modern civilization. The onset of COVID-19 lockdowns forced people to adopt a slower pace of life, and as a result, many individuals began pursuing traditional hobbies such as crocheting, bookbinding, and even baking homemade bread. Considering the prevalence of people’s interest in relaxing hobbies that are not technology-based, creating animation videos that impart basic skills related to a range of traditional hobbies could prove to be an effective approach.

10. Philosphical

Philosophical channels on YouTube are gaining immense popularity, with channels like Philosophies for Life and Einzelganger having over a million subscribers. In today’s world, where people are constantly connected to social media and struggle to find meaning in their lives, philosophical content helps them overcome negative thoughts and misconceptions about themselves. By learning from great thinkers who have conquered their own minds, viewers can gain a positive mindset and improve their mental health. As a YouTube creator, creating a channel focused on philosophical content can not only make a positive impact on your viewers but also attract a large audience and generate a substantial income from your videos.

Einzelgager youtube channel
Einzelgager youtube channel

11. Storytelling

Creating a storytelling channel, especially one focused on horror and suspense, can be a highly profitable idea that generates thousands of dollars every month. Since the content is based on pure creativity, there are endless possibilities for new stories, ensuring that you’ll always have fresh content for your audience. To make this channel idea successful, you’ll need to work with talented scriptwriters to craft engaging stories and find the right voice actor to deliver them in a captivating way that keeps your viewers hooked.

One excellent example of a storytelling channel that has achieved great success on YouTube is Mr. Nightmare, which has amassed over 6 million subscribers. According to Social Blade, this channel can earn up to $51K in monthly ad revenue alone. So, not only can this type of channel be creatively fulfilling, but it also has the potential to be very financially rewarding.

12. Faceless Podcasts

YouTube isn’t limited to just video content. You can also upload podcasts on this platform, which can be a great way to make money without creating videos. You can monetize your podcast through the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) or sponsorships. As your podcast channel grows, you’ll start receiving offers from sponsors in the same niche. To get some inspiration, you can check out The Samplecast on YouTube.

distractible podcast
distractible podcast youtube channel

How do I start faceless YouTube automation?

To begin a faceless YouTube automation venture, you should first select a channel idea and then hire a team from platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr to assist with video creation tasks, such as scriptwriting, video editing, and voiceovers. Creating a YouTube channel is free and accessible to everyone, much like other prevalent social media platforms. While the steps to start a YouTube automation business are relatively simple, the journey can be lengthy and may take one, two, or even three years before your channel gains traction, if it ever does.

Why should you automate your YouTube channel?

By automating your YouTube channel, you can create a passive income stream by having skilled individuals produce high-quality videos for you.

While it’s possible to invest significant effort in creating videos yourself, the results may be only satisfactory enough to attract an audience.

Alternatively, outsourcing each aspect of your YouTube automation channel to experts in their respective fields can result in far superior videos with less investment.

Consider the benefit of hiring an expert scriptwriter who can craft a creative and engaging script, organizing the video content to capture viewers’ attention. Instead of struggling to learn video editing software and spending hours editing videos, you can rely on an experienced video editor with the right tools and expertise to cut the video seamlessly to keep the audience engaged.

Rather than dedicating countless hours to your channel each week, you can pay a team anywhere from $50 to a few hundred dollars to develop the video concept and handle content creation for you.

Costly mistakes new faceless youtube channel owners make

2. Being too cheap:

It is plausible to engage top-tier remote freelance talent at a reasonable cost, but it would be unwise to excessively limit expenses. It is crucial to bear in mind that each video uploaded to the YouTube platform faces steep competition from nearly a billion other videos. If one does not consistently produce the highest caliber videos possible within their budget, YouTube’s audience is likely to gravitate towards the content of competing channels that produce superior content.

Over-Reliance on Automation:

Many new faceless YouTube channel owners make the mistake of relying too much on automation tools, such as bots or software programs, to create and publish their content. While it is true that these tools can save time, they can also result in low-quality material and a lack of personalization, which can harm engagement and growth.
Neglecting Audience Engagement: Another common mistake is neglecting audience engagement. Many new owners of automation channels fail to respond to comments or engage with their audience in other ways, which can lead to a lack of trust and loyalty among viewers.

Choosing a general niche:

Generating generalized content within a highly competitive niche, such as health and fitness or personal finance, presents an insurmountable challenge to gain traction on your channel and attract a viewership already dominated by established channels. Rather, it is imperative to “niche down” as much as feasible by developing content within a specific sub-niche.

As an illustration, let us consider a hypothetical philosophical channel. Instead of generating broad philosophical content that caters to everyone, it would be more advantageous to customize your videos to target philosophy for college students, accentuating the stresses of academic life and the struggles faced by young adults. To take it a step further, you could refine your content by creating philosophical material that is directed towards male college students, emphasizing contemporary issues that impact modern young men, thereby cultivating a niche audience base.

Ignoring SEO:

For your channel to receive traffic and for you to be more visible on YouTube, search engine optimization, or SEO, is important. Unfortunately, many new owners of automation channels ignore SEO best practices, such as using relevant keywords in their titles and descriptions, which can limit their reach and growth potential.

Focusing Solely on Monetization:

While making money from your YouTube channel can be a goal, it shouldn’t be the only focus. New owners of automation channels may become too focused on monetization, which can lead to neglecting other important aspects of running a successful channel, such as creating high-quality content and engaging with their audience.

Not Understanding YouTube Policies:

YouTube has strict policies and guidelines that all creators must follow. Unfortunately, many new owners of automation channels don’t take the time to understand these policies, which can lead to videos being removed or channels being banned.

Expecting short-term results:

Recent data from Finance Quick Fix reveals that the average YouTube channel takes around 22 months to amass 1,000 subscribers. If you anticipate launching a YouTube automation channel and earning a profit in under a year, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment. Creating a successful YouTube automation channel requires a long-term commitment, and many new channel owners abandon their efforts once they realize this reality.

What niche is trending on YouTube?

Currently, the YouTube platform is seeing growth in particular verticals including gaming, beauty & fashion, and personal finance. One can use Google Trends, a free tool, to discover these current trending domains on YouTube.

Can you make money from YouTube automation?

Careful planning and the implementation of multiple revenue-generating tactics are necessary in order to generate a sustained income from a YouTube automated channel. Fortunately, you can learn the ropes and increase your chances of success by taking use of the many high-quality YouTube automation courses that are accessible.

However, as successful creators like Make Money Matt, who has a total of nine channels devoted to this strategy, have shown, it is also feasible to generate money on YouTube without ever putting your face forward. Everyone can succeed on YouTube with the appropriate strategy and a willingness to put in the work.

Why is YouTube considered a great source of making money?

YouTube is widely regarded as an excellent platform for earning money due to the flexibility it affords. You can run your business from virtually any location, and there are limitless possibilities for earning income through your YouTube automation channel.

A few examples include engaging in affiliate marketing by embedding your affiliate link within the video description or leveraging YouTube Premiere to broadcast your videos and receive rewards from viewers via Super Chat.


Youtube automation can present a potentially profitable opportunity for an online business for those who have the financial resources necessary to produce high-quality videos who have the financial resources necessary to have high-quality videos produced for them and are willing to exercise patience while waiting for a few years before passive income begins to materialize.

This platform’s ability to help users connect with a wide audience by utilizing the power of the internet is one of its most important advantages. One can build a sizable subscriber base by creating interesting content, which can bring a lot of viewers to their videos. By using the videos’ embedded adverts to monetise this traffic, passive money is produced.

Bonus Tips For Success

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